Art Mehedi

About Us


According to Wikipedia, there are three things famous about Bogra – doi, them and Hero Alam. But what Wikipedia gets wrong (like it does most often), the most famous thing that has ever been produced from the city of Bogra is Art Mehedi.
Art Mehedi arrived in Dhaka with a paintbrush in hand, his pants hanging low from the weight of all the doi-er-haari he brought from home. He was disappointed at what we call “laal-nil battir shohor”. Art Mehedi took on himself the project of making Dhaka colourful. Art Mehedi added the laal-nil in Dhaka’s batti.
Art Mehedi creates art not because YOU find it beautiful. He creates art not because YOU need to understand it. His arts are like the creation of the universe, the life after death or perhaps your ex – it’s okay it you have thoughts about these, and alright if you never get what they are for.